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The Infill Planes Showcase. It should be noted that there are no owners marks on the plane at all. Both the toe and the heel are enclosed, rather than open as found on later planes. The infill has been overstuffed, as would be expected on a plane of this age. Spiers planes with mahogany infills are uncommon and, at the proposed time of the brochure, they cost slightly less than those planes with a rosewood infill. The bridge is a solid piece of gunmetal which has been secured by four screws at a fixed angle. There are no stamps or markings on it at all.

mitre plane

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Above is a Spiers brochure/price list dating from somewhere between The double rabbet, mitre and smoothing planes also changed their.

Livraison gratuite. Note: Very faint makers mark present, see images. Every refurbished tool that is undertaken by us is revitalised not just by cleaning them but by rectifying the wear and reducing the need to do anything other than add your personal preferences similar to when buying new. Our techniques have a proven track record that meet the demands of the professional craftsman whilst best practices are carried out when sharpening to ensure the tempering isn’t affected.

Any repairs to tools are always mentioned in the main description but if undertaken you can be assured these will have been carried out with emphasis of restoring the original strength to that part, having said that NO tool that has been repaired by welding will ever be sold by us, we simply dismantle them and use the good parts, taking that tool out of circulation. Good refurbishment is important with used vintage tools to ensure not only to enhance performance but also to ensure no tool sold for use has any hidden defects.

There is more involved than first meets the eye but refurbishment when carried out properly takes time to achieve, it also requires an understanding of how tools work and are maintained. I’ve used tools all my working life, they are important to me as they enable me to make, create and mend. Your tools are important too, the better they perform the better they work has a direct impact on the things you want to do with them.

We undertake the tedious and important tasks many won’t recognise but to those who do, our aim is to do it with competence so that the old tools we sell excel over those that haven’t had the same treatment. We have a real passion for old tools mainly because they were made by toolmakers who took pride in their craft, where demands for quality and performance were paramount especially back in the day when so many craftsmen were reliant on their hand tools.

Spiers Planes

Stewart Spiers was a small but innovative firm of plane-makers in Scotland, founded first of all in Ayr in Ayrshire and continuing under the registered name of Stewart Speirs Ltd [ sic ] in Paisley, Renfrewshire , from c. Stewart followed his father William Spiers into the cabinet-making trade in Ayr, and when his father died in he apparently took over the workshop in River Street. How Stewart came to be a plane-maker was, according to the Ayrshire Post , purely by accident, however.

This supposedly was the beginning of what soon became a successful operation in which he was selling his planes in Glasgow and Edinburgh and as far afield as North America, yet this was still little more than a sideline to his cabinet-making. Only much later did he become a full-time plane-maker. Beginning at River Street in his father’s workshop, [5] Stewart moved his work premises round the corner to 12 Garden Street in around and later, by , had moved to premises at 11 River Street, where the firm stayed until around the time of Stewart’s death in , before its removal to 2—4 River Terrace at the end of Auld Brig.

Date There are worn off all but good usable plane, but if it i almost burned down our Brooklyn G BM Holland, Maker, London Spiers or dry abrasive paper.

Stewart Spiers made his planes in Ayr, Scotland, on the west coast. Spiers played a major role in developing and popularizing wood infilled metal planes, including panel, smoothing, thumb, shoulder, chariot, and improved mitres. Section of Ayr, Scotland, from the Ordnance Survey. Garden St. In , Stewart moved his shop to 11 River St. William Spiers. Wright maker or builder. William Spiers Sr. Ayr P. Stewart and wife Elizabeth Carstairs m. Stewart Spiers Ayr P. Directory, along with brother William, cabinetmaker on Content St.

Very Rare Spiers of Ayr Brass Smoothing Plane

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Condition is Used. The Spiers Of Ayr infill shoulder rebate plane has bevelled edges on the top half of the plane from the front nose round to the rear end.

I bought this plane from a David Stanley auction, it was cast iron and it had been dropped and broken in half. It had 2 brass mending plates either side holding it together, crudely done. My intention was to use all the original infill and the beautiful bridge and make a dovetailed replica in bronze and brass. When I dismantled it I realized it was a very old plane as there were a few hand cut screws holding the sole the the infill etc together.

The original plane had a square back but because I have dovetailed it I have made it round backed. The front rosewood infill was in poor shape lower down so I had to fully restore that piece before fitting it to the new plane. I also cut off and reshaped the top edge of the wedge because of more damage there. I lowered the bed angle by 5 degrees using the original rosewood topped rear infill , this helped me to get the bridge lower in the new plane because it stuck up well above the top sides of the plane when whoever made it.

A big surprise appeared when I cleaned up the bridge, it was lightly engraved with an English rose, 2 Scottish thistles and 3 Irish shamrocks, surrounded with numerous leaves, incidentally the bridge is bronze and it had 2 screws either side fixing it to the plane, which were all over the place so I drilled a new hole through the bridge and used a new pin in it, riveting it to the plane. I sharpened the original James Howarth iron and the plane works like magic, I am very happy with the result.

Two different makers? Comparisons Between Speir and Spiers of Ayr.

Tools — Woodworking – Office, Workshop & Farm

As a student of James Krenov I make wooden planes and teach others how to make them. I recondition these for use, and I do use the specialty planes and a few of the block planes. I rarely, though, use any of the bench planes, which I find not as friendly or versatile as my wooden planes.

Mar 1, – A dovetailed steel badger plane by Stewart Spiers of Ayr – rare just doesn’t cover it! I’ll try to keep the blog as up to date as time allows and.

Interestingly, most of the bench planes are already available by this time — the only noticeable omissions being the handled smoothing planes and the improved mitre plane. Some of the numbering has been shuffled about. The joining plane — noted in later catalogues as the No. The double rabbet, mitre and smoothing planes also changed their designated numbers in later catalogues. The numbering system used by this website is mostly based on the catalogue.

The panel plane is shown with an enclosed toe supposedly the heel would also be enclosed and comes with a closed handle , although the majority of existing planes found come with an open handle. After all, with such limited space available on the brochure, it would be a waste if both open and closed versions of the same plane were shown. The lever caps are also slightly different — the screw head of the panel plane being much smaller than the one on the joining plane — but no one is making a fuss of this at all.

Spiers Ayr 15 1/2″ Panel Plane

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The Bailey line of planes manufactured by Stanley. Some of the planes date prior to Stanley’s production of them. Spiers was the uncontested infill planemaker for decades due to the traditional psyche that fills the typical English dude’s.

E-mail About Us. British Metal Planes, commonly referred to as infill planes, represent the pinnacle of refinement in cabinetmaking planes. These planes came into vogue during a time when industrialization allowed products of remarkable precision to be made for a wide market, but at the same time fine hand work was still being done. Infill planes proliferated in the second half of the nineteenth century. While production lingered on until the early s in a few isolated cases, The Great War really sounded the death knell for this type of tool.

Today, these tools are avidly sought by both users and collectors. Their elegant lines and unequaled performance stimulating interest in both groups. When perusing the planes in this section, it must be remembered that the very nature of these planes meant that production would be relatively small. Today, the supply of good examples is very limited.


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