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One really interesting factoid that I picked up was from a scientist who believed that left handed people tended to be more independent as a result of having to adapt to a world which is largely built for right handed individuals. Here are a few more fascinating pieces of trivia related to being a lefty…. However, the percentage of lefties worldwide is slowly creeping up as being left handed becomes more socially accepted. Believe it or not, to this day some countries still try and force children to learn to write with their right hand! Us left handed guitarists are an even rarer breed! Ever wondered why some people are born lefty? Check out this awesome video for a quick explanation. The research also found that left handers were two-and-a-half times more likely to suffer from auto-immune disorders, for example ulcerative colitis or rheumatoid arthritis. In the same scientific study described above, it was also discovered that left handed people were roughly twice as likely to experience migraines when compared to right handed people.

7 Awesome Reasons to Date a Lefty …

Part one of a two-part investigation into lefties in baseball. Read part two, on pitchers, here. Where have all the lefty hitters gone? This is the wrong question, actually.

“If someone is left-handed, their brain organization is going to be Western European cave artwork dating back 10, to 30, years.

But, the truth is, dominant-hand bliss is actually total BS for most left-handed people. The same goes for lovers. Give me a more intriguing, challenging object of curiousity any day over over an easy-to-operate system or device… therefore, dear universe, please gift me with a beautiful lefty to love. Back in my undergrad years. He was beside himself with pride that he remembered my left-handedness without me reminding him. He thoughtfully positioned my mouse on the left-hand side of the computer.

My family always got a kick out of watching me struggle with the can opener — sometimes taking upwards of five minutes just to pierce open half the lid to a can of tomato soup, only to then dangerously pry the jagged metal with my left hand in sheer frustration. Righties might have a more dominant left hemisphere, but lefties tend to have more symmetrical brains, processing information in both hemispheres. But given all the years any given lefty spends struggling to adjust to the right-handed world, our left hemispheres are pretty kickass too.

Apparently, lefties are better in bed too — or at least more sexually satisfied than right-handed people. The former Senior Editor of Strut Magazine and Passport Editor of enRoute, she has interviewed Justin Timberlake in the penthouse of the Chateau Marmont, talked film over tea with Keira Knightley and gone head-to-head with Kanye West in an unedited battle of the egos.

7 Reasons Left-Handed People Are The Best People To Love

Left-handedness has been studied as a marker for in utero exposure to sex steroid hormones, and an increased risk of autoimmune and immune disorders among left-handed individuals has been suggested. This study examines the relationship between hand preference and risk of multiple sclerosis MS , a presumed autoimmune disorder of unknown etiology.

The nurses were asked to report their natural hand preference right, left, ambidextrous, forced to change.

This study suggests a modest increase in risk of MS among left-handed women. clinical history (date of diagnosis and date of symptom onset), clinical signs.

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Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. Do you use your left hand to wipe also? How do you manage to use a laptop mouse? The list is endless. But the fact that only 10 per cent of the population is left-handed makes you unique. Studies have also proven that being left-handed has special advantages.

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The slight advantage left handed fighters have may be the reason that Then be sure to subscribe on our homepage to keep up to date with all.

Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Click here for more information. I dont really trust left handed people they are sinister. I got a new pair of gloves today, but they’re both left handed On one hand it’s great, but on the other it’s just not right. Being left handed I was always told I was more creative but all I noticed was that I smudge the words when writing with pencil.

Two-Thirds of the World Still Hates Lefties

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For 8 percent of the global population there is even an International Left-Handers Day each year on Aug. 13, dating back to the first observance.

Today is dedicated to all you lefties out there! But did you know these facts? Aside from that mind-blowing statistic, it seems that lefties get a rough deal. Everything seems to be designed for right-handed people – from utensils to appliances. We love you, though, lefties. The world wouldn’t be the same without you. To celebrate your special day, we have compiled a list of facts that are bound to shock you. Lefties are more prone to have allergies and migraines, but startling research suggests that they are also more likely to become alcoholics.

The right side of the brain has a lower tolerance to alcohol, you see. Also, Yale University researches concluded that around 40 per cent of schizophrenic patients were left-handed, with theories suggesting that brain laterality plays a role.

Happy Left-Handers Day! Why are lefties so rare?

Getting our daughter to eat a variety of solid food is work in progress messy, tantrummy progress — so for some reason, we thought it might also be a good time to teach her to feed herself with a spoon. She has as much coordination using a spoon as I would have balancing a broom on my nose after a bottle of wine. Though, having said that, it seems that her left hand has slightly better aim than her right hand.

So do we have a Lefty in our house?

In a world where ‘right’ is right, it’s so weird to be a lefty. Everything designed in the world today is designed with right-handed people in mind, often forgetting the​.

Scientists have long wondered why left-handed people are a rarity. Stories about being slapped on the wrist for being a lefty aside, there must be some deeper, evolutionary reason, scientists figure. A new study suggests lefties are rare because of the balance between cooperation and competition in human evolution. The findings come thanks to some data from the sports world. Representing only 10 percent of the general human population, left-handers have been viewed with suspicion and persecuted across history.

Researchers at Northwestern University now report that a high degree of cooperation, not something odd or sinister, plays a key role in the rarity of left-handedness. They developed a mathematical model that shows the low percentage of lefties is a result of the balance between cooperation and competition in human evolution. Professor Daniel M. Abrams and graduate student Mark J.

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An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company’s distinctive lens. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine–even an entirely new economic system. As child educational psychologist, author, and former UCLA associate professor Charlotte Reznick, PhD who is left-handed herself explains, this fragment of the population sees the world through a unique lens.

At first writing was difficult for me until a teacher put my pencil in my other hand—and poof! I took off scribbling.

So for all of you lefties, leftie-loving righties, and ambidextrous folks out there — it’s time to brush up on your left-handed knowledge and help put.

How common are real lefties across different countries? Many studies have been conducted gauging the prevalence of left-handed people around the world and website leftyfretz. The data is presented on this infographic, most of which comes from separate studies from different years. For example, the European countries listed are from a study by I. McManus which found that the Netherlands has one of the world’s highest prevalences of left-handedness at The United States isn’t far behind with a rate of Elsewhere, rates of left-handedness are far lower and China is a good example.

According to leftyfretz. It is thought that negative Chinese attitudes towards left-handedness are one of the primary reasons people attempt to mainly use their right hand with lefties often bullied, harassed and labelled abnormal. This chart shows the rate of left-handedness in selected countries. Check our upcoming releases.

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